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Western Canada's Official

Void Acoustics Distributor

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Performance for Perfectionists

Loudspeaker enhancement for any application

Poppin Audio delivers seamless installations with the highest quality products for environments that need to stand tall above the competition.  With over 10 years of experience in large scale festival audio deployment, masterful electrical integration and event production our staff is equipped with an in-depth knowledge of how sound reacts in all kinds of space.  Advanced acoustic analysis allows us to achieve the cleanest sound reproduction possible in your space.

We have chosen to partner with Void Acoustics in order to allow venues and events in Western Canada to experience these world-class loudspeakers.


We offer rentals of our custom-tailored, deployable Void System for use at events servicing up to 3000 people.  We also have breakout systems available to suit the budget of more modest events. 


If your event requires additional sound requirements for crowds of over 3000 please contact us and we will reach out to our Void rental partners to make sure your needs are met.

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Air Ten Staysis System

Tri-Motion Nexus
Breakout System

POPPIN AUDIO Complete Custom System


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