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AirTen Stasys System

As our most popular package, the Air Ten Staysis system delivers an incredible punch for such a discrete set up.  This small, powerful pairing is suitable for a main PA at events of up to 400 patrons.  Project across a seated audience, fill your dance floor or deliver a large scale DJ booth monitor for artists that demand the very best.

An extra Staysis XV2 can be added to this deployment when additional low frequency reinforcement is required.

Tri-Motion Stasys Breakout

Combine the power of the Staysis X-Air's dual 18" subs with the crisp, clean Tri Motion 3-way horns for larger crowd control.  This breakout is ideal for club rooms looking to move up to 550 people.



Tri-Motion Nexus Breakout

When wall shaking bass is a priority and undefined clarity is a must.  Featuring the Nexus Q with four 12" drivers in a box specifically decided for kick drum representation.  We couple this with the Nexus XL, a  21" bear of a sub with five resonant chambers.

The low end of this breakout is paired again with

Tri Motion Horns.  For parties with 700 attendees.


Trilogy System

Construct a centre stack of low frequency when pairing the Tri motions with a Staysis X-Air, Nexus Q and Nexus XL. 


The addition of the dual 18" X-Air creates a truly complete bass profile.  The Trilogy System is suitable for events of 1000 humans.

Air Motion, Nexus XLs and Nexus Q.jpg

Accepting bookings for October 2021

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Complete System

We worked closely with Void's lead engineers while designing our configurable sound system.  We wanted something that was modular and could be broken into smaller, distinguishable units.  It was important to start with the entire system as a whole and work backwards to ensure when we wanted to accompany a full size festival stage we would leave audiences awestruck. 

With 14 mid-high horns,

9 sub boxes and a total of 28 drivers pushing air simultaneously, the custom Poppin Audio rig is incomparable to anything else capable of being deployed in Western Canada.